Thursday, 17 January 2013

Behind the Scenes at NEC...

Two of NEC’s most crucial members of staff – and two of its longest serving – are mailings coordinator Sue Flack and dispatch coordinator Judy Casey.
Between them dealing with all of NEC’s incoming post, stock levels, course delivery, mailings, enrolments, office supplies orders and much more besides, a day at work for Judy and Sue, who have been working together for five years, is unfailingly busy.
Sue, who’s worked for NEC for 37 years, is singlehandedly responsible for all of NEC’s mailing activity – and with thousands of students enrolled at any time, and a constant coming and going of business post, that can involve a great deal of work.
'One of the first tasks of my day is to check to see if there have been any Guide to Courses requests that need to be sent out,' she explained. 'If there have been then I’ll make sure those are dispatched promptly with a covering letter. There might just be a few single requests, or there could be a huge bulk order, so the amount of work this involves varies from day to day.
'I’ll also deal with other mailings – even though email and other online services have replaced a lot of the physical post these days, there’s still a lot of mailing that needs to be done. On top of that there’s the intake of stock to deal with, which I take care of along with Judy – we cover for each other when needed. Other jobs include distributing incoming post and producing CDs and DVDs for those of our courses that require them.'
Sue Flack and Judy Casey
Sue Flack (left) and Judy Casey
Sue’s colleague and friend Judy joined NEC in 1986. Responsible for processing enrolments and ensuring the right course materials are sent out to the right students, on time, Judy’s under considerable pressure to make sure students receive the service they’re expecting.
'Each enrolment is different,' explained Judy. 'Different students on different courses require different materials to be sent to them – there’s a lot of variation, which keeps things interesting. I also have to keep a close eye on what our stock levels are like and keep in touch with our printers, to make sure we never run out of materials. There’s a lot to keep on top of!'
The fact that both Sue and Judy have worked for NEC for so long is a sure sign that they’re happy in their jobs and that NEC is a good place to work. But what in particular makes the College such a good employer?
'I enjoy my work,' said Sue, 'and like working with the people here. There’s a really nice atmosphere about the place that makes working here a pretty enjoyable occupation.'
Judy also has a lot of positive things to say about working for NEC, agreeing with Sue that above all else it’s the people she works with that are the best thing about being here.
'It’s a very personable place to work,' said Judy, 'with plenty of friendly faces. It’s a very responsive place though, and dynamic – if I think something can be done better, I’m free to make changes to processes, and I appreciate that independence. It’s one of the things that make NEC a great place to work.'

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