Thursday, 23 May 2013

Learning at Work Day and 50 Hours For Free

Today is Learning at Work Day, a part of the ongoing events taking place to celebrate Adult Learners’ Week. LAW Day aims to promote awareness and support for the importance of learning and development in the workplace, by inviting organisations and individuals to participate in a range of activities which encourage people to take up the challenge of learning something new.
Each year, LAW Day focuses on a different theme to highlight different aspects of workplace learning. This year’s theme is ‘Many Ways to Learn.’ Here at NEC we are no strangers to variety when it comes to learning methods – many of our students come to us looking for something different. They often find that the flexibility offered by our distance learning courses allows them to learn in a way that fits in with other aspects of their life, such as work.
In the spirit of Adult Learners’ Week, LAW Day, and NEC’s 50th anniversary, today we are launching our 50 Hours For Free campaign, offering 50 hours’ worth of distance learning for absolutely free! Over the following months we will be covering a series of topics ranging from economics to counselling, so there will be something to interest everyone.
Each topic is a self-contained extract from a full NEC course. The materials you receive will provide full details on what you can expect to gain and the approximate time it will take you to study, including activities, self-assessments, opportunities to reflect, and an example assignment at the end. Information is also included about the wider courses from which each of our topics are taken, if you would like to know more.
50 Hours opens with our first topic, Children’s Growth and Development. We have taken from our wide range of childcare and early years courses in order to create a neatly self-contained topic, providing a fascinating insight into how to understand and support a child’s development through the earlier years of their life.
Bringing up or working with children can at times be hugely challenging, but it is also equally hugely rewarding. The early years of a child’s life are a crucial time in their development, and the experiences they have at this time will play a large part in how they view the world as they grow up. Gaining an understanding of how to support their development will be invaluable to any childminder, pre-school practitioner or parent.
If this sounds like an area that you would like to learn more about, or if you would like to find out more about our 50 Hours campaign, visit our website and get in touch for further details on how to get involved.
Distance learning is a great way to fit learning in with your life and worklife – one of many ways to learn. Why not take up the challenge to learn something new with 50 Hours today?

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