Thursday, 20 June 2013

An extra chance to learn something new

We are now over a third of the way through the list of topics to be released in our 50 Hours For Free campaign, and we have been overwhelmed by how many of you have taken up the challenge to learn something new!

We are pleased to be able to tell you that 50 Hours will now be available for even longer than we had originally planned, all the way through to the Family Learning Festival later in the year, giving everyone even more of a chance to learn something new for free.

Our most recent topic, released last Friday, is Climate Change and Alternative Energy Resources. Tomorrow we will be releasing our next topic, Short Stories, which is taken from our Creative Writing course. If you enjoy writing as a hobby or want to improve your skills, this topic will serve as a great introduction to storytelling.

Short Stories is the fifth of twelve topics we have planned to release for the 50 Hours series. The complete list of topics is as follows:

  • Week 1: Children’s growth and development
  • Week 2: Critical thinking
  • Week 3: Accounting principles, concepts and conventions
  • Week 4: Climate change and alternative energy resources
  • Week 5: Short stories
  • Week 6: Globalisation and international trade
  • Week 7: Electrical currents and practical electricity
  • Week 8: Law
  • Week 9: Presenting character in drama and prose
  • Week 10: Principles of double entry book-keeping
  • Week 11: Cognitive theory and cognitive behavioural theory
  • Week 12: Planning and managing work

We hope you continue to enjoy our 50 Hours topics and take the opportunity to learn with us for free. If you are new to 50 Hours and want to know more, visit our website for full details. All our previous weeks’ topics will remain available throughout the campaign, so no need to worry about missing out. Topics will continue to be released until all 12 are out - check back each week for a new topic every Friday!

50 Hours is part of our Future 50 campaign, marking the 50th anniversary of NEC. For more news on what else we have planned as part of our celebrations this year, keep an eye on our website or this blog. You can also subscribe to our Newsletter, or follow us on Twitter and Facebook.

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