Thursday, 4 July 2013

Distance learning: learning that fits in with your life

Medical student Aisha Wada never had the opportunity to learn much French at school, and so decided to study an IGCSE in the subject through distance learning.
Aisha saw the potential benefits that learning French could have for her work in the medical profession and decided that, despite undergoing the rigours of training to become a doctor, she would be able to find the time to complete the course.
Having attained an A* grade in her summer 2012 exams, it’s a decision that clearly paid off.
It was the ‘flexibility offered by distance learning’ that attracted Aisha to home study. After exploring her options, she decided NEC was the best provider.
‘I sort of shopped around online,’ she says, ‘and NEC was the only one that stood out to me for two reasons – the pass rate was unbelievable! That, and the sample course material gave me a good insight into what it would be like.
‘So in the end it was only a question of deciding when to start.’
Aisha, who enjoys reading, cooking and swimming in her spare time, is now considering studying the language at a more advanced level.
‘I am seriously considering taking A-level French,’ she confirms. ‘As a soon-to-be doctor, I would like to be able to work with charity bodies like Medecins Sans Frontiers (Doctors Without Borders) and work in other African countries outside my country, a lot of which are francophone.’
The 22-year-old found studying with NEC to be absolutely perfect for her, and was delighted with the service she received from both her tutor and the college.
‘My tutor was amazing,’ Aisha praises. ‘She marked assignments very promptly and provided detailed, constructive feedback. The course materials were also invaluable and tailored to the format of the exam. I mean, despite my tight schedule I got an A*!
‘The service from NEC was impeccable. The tutor so supportive, pointing out strengths and weaknesses in a very encouraging manner. The activities in each chapter and assignments were very effective in consolidating my learning. And student support were always very quick to respond to any queries I had.’
So would Aisha consider studying with NEC again?
‘Certainly,’ she confirms. ‘If I decide to go on and do A-level French, I will look no further than NEC.’
And finally, the UAE resident offered some valuable advice to anyone else considering enrolling with the college.
‘Be very disciplined in your time planning,’ she advises. ‘Don’t take on too much at once and try not to leave huge gaps in studying.
‘At a point in time I took about two months off studying and catching up was not easy. The key to success is to study in bits consistently.’
If Aisha’s story has inspired you to consider how you might fit learning into your own life, find out more about distance learning here.
To learn about IGCSE or A-level French, or to view the full range of distance learning courses offered by NEC, visit our website.

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