Thursday, 8 August 2013

Top 10 reasons to choose distance learning

The flexibility of distance learning lets you fit studying in with your life

With so many routes into education these days, a vast range of subjects and qualifications to choose from, and many ways of studying on offer, here at NEC we’d like to share with you our top 10 reasons for choosing distance learning:

1. Choice
You’re not limited to the subjects offered by your local college. If you can’t find a local centre that offers the course you want, try checking whether it’s offered through distance learning. Distance learning courses can be enrolled on regardless of your location, allowing you to study what you want, where you want, and how you want.

2. Flexibility
Distance learning is a method of studying that fits around your lifestyle. It doesn’t require you to go to school or college, attend classes or stick to a timetable. Instead, you study at home or at work, in your own time. Distance learning allows you to take control of your learning and study in a place and at a pace you're comfortable with. It’s perfect for people working full-time, looking after families or caring for others.

3. Confidence
If you haven’t studied for a while, are thinking about getting back into work, or considering a career change but needing to top up your knowledge, a distance learning course can boost your confidence. Anyone can enrol regardless of background or education, and any qualifications gained (such as GCSEs and A Levels) will be no different to those gained from attending a school or college.

4. Dedication
Committing to a distance learning course shows how dedicated you can be. Balancing work, family, study, and any other number of things all at the same time requires motivation and an impressive range of skills and personal qualities. Time-management, self-discipline, determination and a hard-working work ethic are all things that will not only look desirable to potential employers, but are also invaluable life skills.

5. No travel
Anyone can enrol on a distance learning course regardless of their location. Not having to commute to a school or college for on-site classes means more time for other things. Not needing to get to a physical campus also means you save on travel costs.

6. Career aspirations
A distance learning course can help you achieve the next level in your career, set you in better stead for a change of career, or help you top up your knowledge after a career break. Distance learning can also give you a second chance to gain qualifications you may have, for whatever reason, missed out on the first time round. It’s never too late to learn something new.

7. Start at any time
There is no need to wait. You can enrol from anywhere, whenever you like, with no academic terms to adhere to. You can start straight away and take things at a speed that works for you and your individual circumstances. Be as regular or spontaneous with your learning as you like!

8. Networking
Distance learning does not mean just studying alone at home. You can also get opportunities to network with experts in the subject, as well as befriending fellow students from all over the world. Our increasingly globalised society has made it both easier and more important to get to know people from different places, cultures, and walks of life.

9. No loss of income
If you don’t want to give up your job in order to study, you don’t have to. A distance learning course is flexible enough to fit around your work (and home) life, allowing you to learn as and when you find the time to. You can continue to earn while you learn and not worry about income.

10. Learn just to learn
If you find yourself with time on your hands or a burning desire to learn more about something, you can, and all from the comfort of your own home. Education is not just about gaining qualifications, it’s also about sating the innate curiosity we have as human beings that lets us love learning and be the most creative species on Earth.

For further information about distance learning and NEC’s range of courses, visit our website. You can also find out more on our FAQ page, or by getting in touch with us.

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