Friday, 23 May 2014

Take the Learning Challenge 2014!


Last year NEC celebrated its 50th anniversary by offering free courses to anyone who wanted to learn something new. There were 12 different courses covering a variety of subjects from accounting to childcare. We were overwhelmed at the response to our ‘50 hours for free’ campaign – around 2500 of you took part and we had more than 5000 downloads in all.

The fantastic response we got last year made us want to share our love for learning again with you this year, so we are delighted to announce the launch of the Learning Challenge for 2014!

We’re starting the challenge this week, during Learning at Work Week (LAW Week), and will be releasing 6 free courses each month throughout the summer. In the spirit of LAW Week, work-based learning and career progression, we have chosen Personal Development Planning as the first of our course topics. The course is now available on our website and will be particularly helpful for anyone who is working as–or aspiring to work as–a first line manager, helping you to:

  • identify the links between organisational objectives and personal
  • development objectives
  • prepare a personal development plan which meets agreed objectives
  • identify a range of learning and development opportunities to
  • support the achievement of the personal development plan
  • review the progress of the plan.

The Learning Challenge will run until the end of the Family Learning Festival and will cover a range of subjects, so remember to check back for new releases as the summer progresses.

You can keep up to date with all the latest activity at our website and on our social networking sites. We would love to know how you get on and will be watching the Twitter hashtag ‘#LearningChallenge2014’ for discussion, so join in and get involved!

We hope you enjoy taking up the challenge to learn something new this summer, whether you are a returning from last year or new to the experience. So go on – take the Learning Challenge and make this year the year you invest in your future and invest in yourself!

For more information about LAW Week, visit the official website. Unionlearn has also put together a list of free resources to help people get involved. You may also be interested in taking part in a survey run by Headway Recruitment to investigate people’s experiences and attitudes to learning at work. The survey is anonymous and provides a chance for anyone who is an employee to submit some valuable feedback about their experiences of training, either at work or through work, and how important that is for learning and career progression. Click here to fill out the survey.

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