Thursday, 7 May 2015

Our own election: What’s your favourite subject?

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Above: NEC staff members with the subjects they voted for

It comes as no surprise that the news today is dominated by the general election, with articles on everything from where each party stands on education policy, to how to cast your vote and even an article on what you can’t do in a polling station – apparently the electoral commision very strongly advise against taking photos inside the polling station, so that means selfies are out!

Around 50 million people are registered to vote today, and already thousands of people have begun turning out to cast their own vote in order to have their say in the UK’s next Government.

We’ve decided to have an election of our own at NEC today to discover what the team’s favourite subject is and explore some of the reasons why. You can join in by tweeting us or posting on our Facebook page to let us know what your favourite subject is and why. At the end of the week, we’ll add your vote to our running total and announce the winning subject. We even encourage you to take a selfie with something related to your favourite subject!

The results are in and the votes have been counted and verified. The favourite subject as voted for by the NEC team is…


These are some of the reasons English voters chose this subject as their favourite:

Sue enjoyed English at school because of her love of reading. ‘I still love to read a lot now and it helps me to learn something new every day!’

Alison also chose English as her favourite subject: ‘I had a really good primary school teacher who influenced and inspired my enjoyment of English. Drama has always been another passion of mine, particularly Shakespeare. English fits in well here, too.

Maria shared her reason for choosing English: ‘I’m a bookworm! I love to both read and write which is an interest that started at school and is still continuing today.’

In second place we have a tie between history and design and technology. Some of the reasons given include:

Judy said her favourite subject was history. ‘I found it easy, and there was so much to learn. I still love learning about history now including visiting different historical places and walking in the footsteps of historical figures and reading historical novels.’

Rosanna and Louise also voted for history. Rosanna said, ‘I had a very passionate and engaging teacher who helped me to discover how interesting and how important history is.’ Louise had a different reason. She says, ‘It’s a really interesting subject, at my school you could choose options for history and I chose to study local history so I could really imagine it.’

Design and technology subjects also fared well in our election. Gemma, Karen and Christine all really enjoy being creative. Gemma told us that she enjoyed the variety of design and technology, from creating a delicious lasagne to building a clock.

Karen particularly enjoyed needlework: ‘even though I moan about taking up my husband’s trousers, my passion for creative needlework has continued over the years.’

Christine favoured cookery at school and although over the years her enjoyment has developed from the simple recipes of her school days to creating and decorating stunning cakes, it is still something she enjoys learning more about today.

In third place: Geography

Sophie and Stephanie both voted for geography. Sophie told us her reason was that: ‘It has elements of so many other subjects in it that I enjoy, such as sciences, politics and socio-economics.’ Stephanie on the other hand simply loved learning about the world around her and how things work. ‘I would have loved to have travelled to the centre of the earth, as far as I could go!’

Other subjects getting a vote were maths, physics and latin and the reasons for the choice are as varied as the subjects themselves:

Ralph was good at maths at school and this was his favourite subject. ‘I was hoping to get in to chemistry,’ he said, ‘But I quickly realised that it wasn’t for me. Maths has served me well throughout my career though!’

Daniel enjoyed physics most at school: ‘Despite having a slightly scary teacher, I enjoyed the simplicity of physics. I was good at it too, which of course made it easier.’

Ros on the other hand chose latin as her favourite subject as she found it the hardest at school. ‘I was thinking of dropping it, but then I had a real eureka moment where I understood things, and how they related to other things. It gave me the confidence to learn.’

Like any good election, we even had someone abstain. James couldn’t decide which subject to vote for: ‘I really didn’t enjoy my time at school, I had no favourite subject.’

Perhaps James, like thousands of other NEC students each year, should give learning another chance?

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