Thursday, 29 October 2015

Get creative with horror this Halloween

Halloween is just around the corner, and it’s got us talking about our favourite scary stories, films and books in the office. The horror genre is full of opportunities to use your creative talents and we want to pay tribute to the men and women who write these stories, films and novels, and are the cause of people across the world sleeping with their lights on!

There’s nothing like a good horror novel to keep you awake at night and one of the most famous and successful horror writers is Stephen King. His writings have have spanned over 5 decades and been turned into Hollywood blockbusters. From the terrifying tale of The Shining to the blood-curdling book Misery, I’m sure Mr King has given us all a sleepless night or two over the years!

Many people will be settling in with some popcorn and a good horror film on Halloween and it  would surely be remiss if we didn’t talk about horror films. One of the best known film writers in the world of horror is Wes Craven, from A Nightmare on Elmstreet to the Scream films, chances are there will be at least one of his creations playing this Saturday on the TV and many people afraid to turn out the lights.

When you think of horror, you don’t often think of Poetry until, that is, you remember Edgar Allan Poe. As well as a series of Macabre tales, Poe is most recognised for his eerie poem The Raven. Published in 1845, The Raven does not take long to read, but leaves you with the chills long after you’ve finished—particularly if you hear a tapping, like someone gently rapping, rapping at your chamber door!

Short stories are easily accessible these days with websites publishing them, blogs dedicated to them and social media sites such as reddit making it easy to share them. HP Lovecraft was a prolific short story writer in the 1920’s and 1930’s and published in several pulp magazines. Although relatively unknown during his life, almost 90 years later his own surreal brand of horror even has it’s own sub-genre named after him: ‘Lovecraftian’ Horror.

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